Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Firmware Loader for Gmini 402 CC too

Thanks to migge, a member of archosfans forums, I've been able to create a 402 CC version of the firmware loader.

However, I didn't release it until now because I didn't have a chance to test it. As I recently bought a Gmini 402 CC, I've been able to test it, so here it is.

Firmware loader is an utility which enables to temporarily load any firmware on Gmini 402 and 402 CC devices, from a firmware update file (.AOS). After a reboot, the device comes back to its original state.


Firmware upgrades files (AOS) for Gmini 402:

Firmware upgrades for Gmini 402 CC:

Note: these are links to archos site, so they may not work in the future.

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